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Relaxation Massage

Gentle Swedish techniques will be used to encourage your body to relax and let go of tension.  This type of massage includes the full body but may be customized to your needs.

                                    60 MIN - $50     90 MIN - $75     120 MIN - $105

Therapeutic Massage

This treatment will focus on areas in your body where muscles are tight and may need released using Deep Tissue or Neuromuscular Therapy techniques.  This type of massage is customized to the problematic areas in your body.  

                                    30 MIN - $30     60 MIN - $60     90 MIN - $80

Hot Stone Massage

Relax your body with the warmth of basalt stones.  The heat from these stones so will increase circulation and reach deep into your muscles without the added pressure. This type of massage 

                                    includes the full body. 

                                    75 MIN - $75      90 MIN - $90